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Bilin Weekly Demo 20.05.2011 | By haithmkatib@gmail.com – video

20.05.2011….Today in Bil’in, the Israeli Occupation Forces shot several rounds of tear gas and these sound bombs – which have a different color than the usual ones – at the protesters and at the fields. Due to the heat, several dunums of land caught fire. While protesters were trying to put out the spreading fires, […]

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Hundreds at 6th Bil’in conference celebrate popular struggle

Wednesday, April 20 2011| Joseph Dana | +972 Magazine Dozens of European diplomats and senior figures from across the Palestinian political spectrum joined hundreds of activists in the opening of the 6th International Bil’in Conference on Popular Resistance. Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, called for the international community to promote Palestinian self determination. Palestinian Prime […]

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