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VIDEO | Roots of Peace Talks to PNN about Landmines Removal Initiative

PNN English | Thursday, 25 April 2013 13:53 PNN/ Exclusive In an interview conducted by PNN, Founder and Chairman of Roots of Peace Organization, Heidi Kuhn, talked about the project of removing landmines from the Palestinian territories that started Wednesday and will continue throughout the week. Kuhn said that this project was a dream started […]

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Is Israel Putting US Money into Good Use?

FEATURED | Israel’s attempt to Arrest a 2 year old Palestinian Child – by @LinahAlsaafin By Jamal Kanj | Palestine Chronicle | April 4, 2012 Recent report by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation revealed that the US has provided Israel with more than $103 billion between 1949 and 2008. More than any […]

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Israel plants new landmines in UN-monitored zone in occupied Golan Heights

Adri Nieuwhof | 08/15/2011 | Electronic Intifada Blogs Today, I received confirmation that Israeli forces have planted new landmines in the UN– monitored buffer zone in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. I had contacted Taiseer Maray, the general director of Golan for Development after reading a report on the topic by Associated Press (AP) yesterday. […]

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