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#PalHunger | De Brief van Samer Issawi (Nederlandse vertaling door @docjazzmusic)

Docjazz.com | 17 February 2013 | Dr. Tariq Shadid aka Doc Jazz For Translation in English by Rona Merril, Neta Golan click here Pour la traduction en Français par ISM France (@ISMFRANCE) cliquez ici Brief van Samer Issawi – 16 Februari 2013 – dag 208 van zijn hongerstaking – vertaling door Tariq Shadid – ‘Met […]

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How #Israel orders your Airline around: The Letter which bars #Airflotilla2 activist from boarding (Update!)

April 14, 2012 So you thought Israeli checkpoints only exist in West Bank of Palestine? Wrong! Below the letter Shmueli wrote to the airlines ordering and effectively moving Israeli checkpoints to most European and even Canadian spots. Based on Law of Entry 1952 which can be read here for anyone interested. Bypassing and transgressing international […]

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Open brief aan minister Rosenthal – by @DriesvanAgt @TheRightsForum (Incl. English Translation)

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute. Translation in English below the original article Opinie Dries van Agt, 9 januari 2012 Geachte bewindsman, Wij vernemen dat de heer Benjamin Netanyahu, premier van Israël, op 19 januari ons land gaat bezoeken. Het vooruitzicht van zijn komst brengt beroering teweeg in de gelederen van […]

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