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Peace not Capitulation ~ by Jafar M. Ramini

[ Ammon News 8/1/2013 9:49:22 PM] By Jafar M Ramini Call me a cynic, but when it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck why do they insist on calling it a swan? I am having a moment of déjà vu here. The talks about talks about how to […]

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The UN Must Again Choose between Capitulation and Credibility

 by Greg Felton / July 23rd, 2011 | Dissident Voice The upcoming United Nations vote to recognize Palestinian statehood should be a foregone conclusion, especially given the overwhelming support and sympathy for Palestine among the developing world. By the end of May, 112 nations had agreed to recognize statehood, and Palestinians expect to have 135 […]

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