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ei: Muslim-Christian unity characterizes Egypt’s uprising

Adam Morrow and Khaled Moussa Al-Omrani, The Electronic Intifada, 10 February 2011 Pro-democracy protesters at Tahrir Square call for Muslim-Christian unity. (Matthew Cassel) CAIRO (IPS) – Over recent years, Egypt has witnessed mounting tension between its Muslim majority and its sizeable Coptic Christian minority. But in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the site of ongoing mass protests […]

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MIFTAH – Religion Should Unite, Not Divide

Date posted: December 22, 2010 By Joharah Baker for MIFTAH Send Article Printer Friendly Read & Post Comment User Comments: 0 I realized the other day just how influential teachers can be and conversely, how impressionable the young minds they shape actually are. “Mommy, my classmate asked Ustaz [Mr.] Adrian if he was Christian or […]

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Is the Vatican willing to give legitimacy to Jewish Nazism?

[ 11/12/2010 – 11:47 PM ] By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Jerusalem   I understand that the term “Jewish Nazism” is harsh, shocking and might well be provocative and offensive to many, especially those adhering to the Jewish faith. I have nothing against the Jewish faith per se, but I do detest the absurd but […]

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