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Israel to ‘probe’ birth control for Ethiopian immigrants (Again…)

Maan News Agency | Febr 27, 2013 JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Israel’s Health Ministry has ordered an investigation into whether government employees or health workers prescribed a birth control drug to Ethiopian immigrant women as a way to control the population. Haaretz reported on Thursday that a senior official had decided to name a team to […]

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UK MP forced to apologize for Israel criticism

David Ward, MP for Bradford East PRESSTV | Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:5PM GMT A British Liberal Democrat MP facing axe from the party over criticisms about the Israeli regime’s violent treatment of Palestinians has apologized under pressure from the country’s Zionist lobby. In an item posted on his website last week, David Ward, the […]

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Israel’s Forced Contraception of Ethiopian women causes decline in Birthrate: A Flagrant Violation of HumanRights

Dec 13, 2012 (Updated March 3, 2013) For some years now, Israel is forcing Ethiopian women to accept or are coerced to be injected with contraceptives. This is a flagrant violation of the human fundamental right to reproduction. Although Israeli media use the term “sterilization” which is now causing (again) some international -for Israel- unwanted […]

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