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Action Alert ▶ Protest against Deaths, Injuries from US Tear Gas in Palestine, Middle East & Oakland

Related: Israel’s Weapons a Crime on Humanity January 15, 2012 – US-made tear gas, manufactured by companies like Combined Systems Inc. (CSI), Defense Technology, and Nonlethal Technologies, continues to be used by governments including Egypt, Israel, Yemen, Bahrain and the United States to repress popular protest movements for social justice. In response, human rights advocates […]

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Tristan Anderson civil suit delayed as new evidence emerges ~ by Charlotte Silver

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute. Charlotte Silver | The Electronic Intifada | 3 December 2011 Newly discovered video footage shows the Israeli army in Nilin village the day US activist Tristan Anderson was shot. (Oren Ziv /ActiveStills ) “If he had been a Palestinian, he would have gone to the Ramallah hospital […]

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Encountering Tear Gas & Pepper Spray | Protection at Protests

IMPORTANT UPDATE #EGYPT #TAHRIR #CAIRO FOLLOW HASHTAGS Follow: #TahrirNeeds for supplies | #FF @TahrirSupplies | Cont updates – Website Follow: #TahrirHints for alerts & warnings Follow: Collection Points for Supplies in Tahrir on Facebook Follow: Interactive Map for rides of supplies – volunteers to Tahrir Follow: @harassmap when harrassed | Website | Or text to […]

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