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A Joint Struggle Against a Common Enemy: Zionism – All in 1 picture

Real Torah Jews against Zionism Zionists give false name to Judaism The difference between Real Judaism and Zionist What sort of Christians become Zionists? Zionist Crimes against Christianity New eBook of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network – Free Download Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism

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Prisoners Club: Etzion Prison Staff Makes Detainees Stand Outside in Underwear in Winter and calls it “Common Punishment”

10.03.11 – 15:55| PNN – Palestine News Network Ramallah – PNN – The Palestinian Prisoners Club said on Thursday that it was a common punishment in Etzion military prison in the southern West Bank for prison staffers to make prisoners stand outside in their underwear in the winter. (PNN Archive) Jaclyn Fararjeh,a lawyer working with […]

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Far-Right Politicians Find Common Cause in Israel – Newsweek

(Page 1 of 3) Balint Porneczi AFP-Getty Images Activists and sympathizers of the nationalist “64 Counties Youth Movement” parade as they march together to the Slovakian, Serbian and Romanian embassies with members of controversial extreme right wing “Magyar Garda,” or Hungarian guard, in Budapest on June 13, 2009 during their demonstration to commemorate the 89th […]

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