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Hamdan: Hamas has never been part in the Arab internal conflicts

[ PIC 09/07/2013 – 05:40 PM ] BEIRUT, GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas leader Osama Hamdan said Fatah’s claims accusing Hamas of interfering in the internal affairs of the Arab countries are “part of the misinformation published by Fatah to cover up its crimes against the Palestinian cause.” Hamdan pointed out that Fatah is the one that […]

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Israel serves imperial plundering, conflicts

PRESS TV FEBR 20 2012 A political analyst says the Israeli policies toward Palestinians in the occupied territories are directly related to the “imperial plunder” of the Middle East, Press TV reports. In an interview with Press TV on Sunday, Ralph Schoenman, the author of The Hidden History of Zionism, said the Israeli “destruction of […]

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