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British woman Anne William Kennedy announces her conversion to Islam in Gaza | Allahu Akbar!

[ PIC 22/07/2012 – 11:08 AM ] GAZA, (PIC)– Anne William Kennedy, a British citizen, announced on Saturday her conversion to Islam during a press conference held at the headquarters of the Palestine Scholars Association in Gaza City, amid intensive media coverage. The British woman, who changed her name to “Khadija Hassan”, said that she […]

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Hamas condemns accelerated Aqsa Mosque conversion drilling

[ 05/03/2011 – 03:40 PM ]   GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas has strongly condemned Israeli drilling operations on the historical Umayyad palaces running along the Aqsa Mosque as a ”blatant infringement on the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim people, and on the history and civilization of Jerusalem.” According to reports, Israel has been increasing construction of a […]

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