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‘Security’ no excuse for holding adolescents in solitary confinement

JFJFP FEBRUARY 28 2012 use of solitary confinement for children Defence for Children International 27.02.12 On 30 January 2012, over 100 prominent professionals, clergy, educators, physicians, academics and artists from the U.S. and Israel sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and other senior officials raising their concerns about the continued use of solitary confinement […]

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DCI File Complain Against Abuse and Maltreatment of Detained Children

PNN FEBR 20 2012 Defense for Children International (DCI) in Palestine submitted a complaint to the legal supervisor of the Israeli government and the Israeli prisons’ administration on behalf of a 16 year old child, Rashid C, from Hares village. DCI demanded an immediate investigation into the physical and psychological abuse and maltreatment of Rashid […]

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