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Ask @SenCarlLevin to ACT: So @huwaidaarraf and Adam Shapiro can have their baby: TOGETHER!

March 7, 2013 by occpal Calling on all Followers, Activists, Media, Brothers, Sisters and Friends: Palestinian-American, and citizen of Israel, Huwaida Arraf (pictured here pregnant with husband Adam), reports that Israel has detained, and is threatening to deport her husband, Jewish-American Adam Shapiro, who was entering Israel to take part in the birth of their […]

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Israel to deport Flotilla activists

PressTV – Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:11PM GMT The French yacht Dignite/Al Karama enters the Israeli southern port of Ashdod flanked by three Israeli naval vessels, July 19, 2011. Israel says it will deport 15 activists whose boat was intercepted by Israeli naval commandoes as it was trying to break Gaza Strip’s blockade. The spokeswoman […]

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