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How to End US Reliance on Dictators

12:51 02/16/2011 Uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt happened despite US foreign policy. (Aljazeera) By Steve Breyman The Arab uprisings present US foreign policymakers with their greatest opportunity for a decisive shift in direction since 1989. Will they seize it? Unfortunately for the peoples of the former Soviet Union and East Bloc, the George H.W. Bush […]

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Egypt: Social Movements, the CIA and the Mossad

19:49 02/15/2011 It is not arms, billions of dollars, secret police .. that decide history. By James Petras The mass movements which forced the removal of Mubarak reveal both the strength and weaknesses of spontaneous uprisings. On the one hand, the social movements demonstrated their capacity to mobilize hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in […]

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MP Ramadan: The Egyptian revolt was against dictators

[ 13/02/2011 – 10:39 AM ]   Al-KHALIL, (PIC)– Hamas lawmaker Nizar Ramadan said the victorious Egyptian revolution was not narcissistic as some people portrayed, but it was an uprising against tyrants and oppressors. “The victory of the people’s revolution that happened in Egypt is more like the French revolution. This uprising will make further […]

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