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Live Blog | Israeli soldiers roughen up EU diplomat, confiscate aid supplies for Palestinians (Updated with Video)

While mainstream media goes in an immediate buzz whenever some Israeli ‘diplomat’ or official has received a cold welcome somewhere around the world, the same media silences Israel’s assaults on political and diplomatic figures. Systematically. The article below also shows, Israel’s army shows not even a sign of embarrassement – knowing a Reuters-crew present – […]

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#Estelle Ship to Gaza | PRESS RELEASE GUSH SHALOM | Occupation at Sea

20/10/12 | Gush Shalom Three Israelis among captured “Estelle”. Also on board: Members of Parliament from Sweden, Norway, Spain and Greece. Gush Shalom: A stupid show of force, expanding occupation to international waters in the Mediterranean “Even while the Prime Minister is considering bringing to his cabinet’s approval the report of Judge Edmond Levy, which […]

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