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URGENT | VIDEO | Disabled people in Gaza suffer Israeli blockade, Egyptian closure

Sept 28, 2013 A high rate of Gaza’s population: 7,6% of Gaza’s citizens are disabled due to the years long aggression on Gaza. and suffer the siege.  Medications are limited and prohibited to travel abroad for treatment. Disabled or chronic ill people are experiencing worsening of their physical condition and even risk permanent damage or […]

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PHOTOS | A Tribute to the Palestinian Heroes on Wheels

Jan 16, 2012 I know a lot of you are not interested in seeing pictures of people without legs, and you are running through life so fast you’re not aware of us in wheels. Yet, 15% of the world population is disabled, and unfortunately in Palestine, due to attacks, wars, assaults on Gaza many are […]

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#PHOTOS | Ibrahim’s Wheels

Photo Blog by Shuaib Abu Jahal | Al Akhbar | July 9, 2012 Every morning at 8 am, Ibrahim Abu-Thurya, a 26 year old Gazan native, heads to the streets to earn his daily bread. His job as a car-washer supports his family of 11. Ibrahim has been injured four times by Israeli attacks since […]

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