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#GazaUnderAttack | Call For An End To Military Aid To Israel

Kawther Salam | July 11, 2014 Petition by: James Harris – Berkeley, CA – Congressperson Barbara Lee, who calls herself a “renegade for peace and justice” is on this issue actually a “conformist for war and occupation”, a vocal supporter of “robust” US military aid to Israel, as she has received campaign funding from an […]

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Israeli Military Attempts to Disarm Settlers, Settlers Enraged

PNN – Palestine News Network – 14.01.11 – 15:56 Hebron – PNN – According to Israeli media house YNetNews.com, the Israeli military has begun to collect weapons from Israeli settlers in the West Bank in an effort to reflect and maintain the current peace in the area. Armed Israeli settlers (PNN Archive). The arms, which […]

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