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The Day FreeSpeech Died in US: Irvine Muslim Students Convicted of Shouting at Israeli Ambassador

Related: Truth does not bother “Israel”. Only Buttons Do. To Mute the Truth – “For Tweeting until Termination” FBI ‘Islam 101′ Guide Depicted Muslims as 7th Century Simpletons Jon Wiener on September 24, 2011 – 1:53pm ET | The Nation In a trial that never should have taken place, ten Muslim students at UC Irvine […]

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Rae Abileah of CodePink on Disrupting Netanyahu’s Congress Speech: “He’s the Main Obstacle to Peace” – video

DemocracyNow.org – May 25, 2011 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech was warmly received by Democrats and Republicans in Congress on Tuesday. According to ABC News, Netanyahu received 29 standing ovations during his address—four more than President Obama received during his State of the Union address earlier in the year. However, there was at least […]

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