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#PalHunger | Resheq slams Israel’s manipulation of prisoner swap deal with resistence

Note from occpal: Previously by Israel released prisoners received a Presidential Pardon of Peres. Also called Amnesty or Clemency by law to restore ones civil rights and being totally pardoned for the (alleged) crimes if even in the case of Palestinians’ ever charged before at all. Re-arresting pardoned prisoners (also from the Wafa al Ahrar […]

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#j14 | Another Tsunami!

Palestine News Network | 30.07.11 – 05:00 By Adam Keller/Gush Shalom – It was not Binyamin Netanyahu who started the occupation. Keeping millions of Palestinians under military rule, constantly expanding settlements throughout the Occupied Territories, diverting the country’s best resources for it – many previous governments have done the same, including governments headed by the […]

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