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#Gaza | Israeli professor says Hamas victory is equal to establishment of a state

Middle East Monitor | Nov 23, 2012 A professor of political science at Tel Aviv University has said that Hamas “remained standing” during the recent Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip. According to Professor Shaul Mishal, Hamas’s victory is equal to the establishment of a state in its consequences.The specialist in Arab politics noted that […]

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Arab empowerment could equal doomsday for Israel

Published Yesterday – 22:06 GMT The U.S. and Israel – proponents of democracy- recoil at this Arab brand of democracy that could threaten Israel’s future. Onward Revolution: Ridding the Region of U.S. and Israeli Influence Coherent commentary on the U.S. and Israel response to Revolutionizing Arabia. “Islamic scholar Imran Hosein predicted in 2003 that one […]

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Hamas and Women: Clearing Misconceptions

17:12 01/12/2011 The Palestinian woman in Gaza is educated and has a voice. (MENASSAT) By Dr. Ahmed Yousef – Gaza Women in every society have a different perception of their respective roles, which are generally molded by social and cultural norms. Evidently in many parts of the world, these social and cultural norms have restricted […]

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