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#Israel celebrates 64th Independance Day by arresting people for reading names of ethnic cleansed villages – incl Footage

Israeli (Thought) Police Besieging Zochrot Office on Israeli Independence-Nakba Day 2012 Apr 25, 2012 by JerusalemDay2011 On Israeli Independence Day, same day that marks the premeditated ethnic cleansing of ~700,000 Palestinians in order to create a Jewish majority by force, the Israeli police besieged the offices of Zochrot at the heart of Tel-Aviv in order […]

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Map of ethnically cleansed, destroyed and excisting Arab Villages in Israel & Palestine

Read more about Ethnic Cleanins, Refugees, Villages, destroyed and Exsisting: Dr. Salman Abu Sitta about Refugees, Location and Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine     Over a period of two years, from 1947-1949, the Zionists demolished 419 Arab villages and depopulated the Palestinian Arabs in those towns. When the state of Israel was established in 1948 […]

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