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VIDEO | Racism from an ex-IDF soldier in Jerusalem

on Apr 18, 2012 by lucy4onestate My friend and I posed as ignorant tourists in the Old City of Jerusalem and asked an ex-IDF soldier some questions about the current situation in Israel/Palestine. Just to emphasise we are not ignorant on the conflict nor do we indorse the ex-soldier’s views. This video is attempt to […]

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‘LA Times’ fails to state that ‘law prof’ writing that Gaza siege is legit is ex-IDF Lawyer

  by Ira Glunts on July 2, 2011 | Mondoweiss Amos Guiora had an op-ed in the LA Times yesterday which seeks to justify the Israeli blockade of Gaza and its plans to stop the Freedom Flotilla. The arguments Professor Guiora employs are standard Israeli hasbara  which makes you wonder why the paper chose to […]

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