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Israel deprivation caused death again: Three children this time – Photography

April 2, 2012 Genocide can be committed violently or passively. Deprivation is a form of the last. Slowly depriving people to death or infringement of basic needs (human rights) till illness or even death occurs. Or like in this case, 3 children died because no fuel available in Gaza with which the powerplant can produce […]

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#twitterfail | The Occupation of #Palestine Extends to @twitter

Update: Sept 9, 2011 | Twitter lifted the restrictions on @haloefekti. Also on @marmite_news although it seems to be a partial lift and his account not yet appears in public people search Update: Sept 10, 2011 | Twitter lifted the restrictions on @marmite_news now completely visible, as well as from @occpal (this blogs twitteraccount) also […]

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The Power of Israel in the United States by James Petras

Excerpts from the bookThe Power of Israel in the United Statesby James Petras | Clarity Press, 2006, paper p13 former President Ariel Sharon once boasted, regarding his influence over President Bush “We have the US under our control”. p13 J.J. Goldberg in his book, Jewish Power Inside the Jewish Establishment based on data in the […]

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