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Abu Khudair faced death in a steel cage in the baking Negev desert says Rights group

[ PIC 02/07/2013 – 01:25 PM ] RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Palestinian prisoners center for studies said that Jordanian prisoner Iyad Abu Khudair almost died when an Israeli jailer locked him up in a steel cell or container exposed to a high sun temperature in the Negev desert prison. The center stated on Monday that prisoner […]

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Gazan Scrap Collector Faced Death During Violent Israeli Incursion

Posted on: December 30, 2010 28 December 2010 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza   Mahmoud Mousa Mohammed Al Sirsik, age 19 This morning Mahmoud Mousa Mohammed Al Sirsik, aged 19, was going about his daily business, collecting stones with his horse cart in the border area, east of Gaza City, when Israeli army jeeps entered […]

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