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Gilad Atzmon: Israel’s Doomed Fate

by Gilad Atzmon | May 18th, 2011 | Dissident Voice “There will be no return– time has come to tell Palestinian refugees they will not be returning to the State of Israel,” writes Nahum Barnea, a prominent Israeli ‘liberal’ columnist It is becoming clear that Israel lacks the means to cope with Palestinian resilience. Despite […]

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Families demand Abbas to prove his good faith and free their relatives

17/03/2011 – 10:59 AM   WEST BANK, (PIC)– Some families of political detainees in the West Bank said that de facto president Mahmoud Abbas should prove that his intention to end the inter-Palestinian division is sincere through releasing their relatives from his jails. A spokesman for the families said that the news of arresting four […]

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رفعت الاقلام وجفت الصحف | The pens have been lifted and the ink has dried

      Bismillah irRahman irRahim In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful       قال رسول الله :” احفظ الله يحفظك.احفظ الله تجده تجاهك.أذا سألت فسأل الله واذا استعنت فاستعن بالله واعلم ان الامة لو اجتمععت على ان ينفعوك بشيء لن ينفعوك الا بشيء قد كتبه الله لك وان الامة لو […]

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