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Bankrupt PA Government Paid 30.5 Million USD For Phone Calls

Kawther Salam | March 27, 2013 The Director of Financial Control at the Palestinian Ministry of Finance, Mahmoud Zarour, revealed that the bill of the Palestinian authority (PA) “ministries” for phone calls (cellular and landline) reached 111 Million NIS (about 30,5 Million USD) during the past five years including 22 million Shekel (6 Million USD) […]

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Israeli finance minister calls for elimination of Palestinian Authority if it becomes “anti-Israel state”

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 16:10 | MEMO Yuval Steinitz has called for the elimination of the Palestinian Authority if it turns into an anti-Israel state. Israel’s Minister of Finance has called for the elimination of the Palestinian Authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas in response to the bid for full membership of the United Nations before […]

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Israeli Banks Finance Newspaper calling for Genocide

Monday, 17 January 2011 15:28 Yossi Bartal for the Alternative Information Center (AIC) Major Israeli banks, credit institutions, and communication companies are among the advertisers in an extreme right wing weekly magazine that called for building concentration camps. An Israeli Jewish orthodox magazine “Ma’ayanei Hayeshua” (Fountains of Salvation) that is distributed freely in hundreds of […]

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