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The Palestinian Authority: Israel’s Excellent Ally Against Hamas

Kawther Salam | Febr 17, 2013 السلطة الفلسطينية حليف جيد ومخلص لإسرائيل, وبلغاريا طردت وفد حماس بناء على طلب السلطة الفلسطينية إستياء في لبنان من تدخلات السفارة بالشأن الفتحاوي الداخلي في المخيمات European sources who prefer anonymity stated that the Palestinian Authority recently blocked the visit of a Hamas delegation to the EU and demanded […]

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Israeli Lessons in International Terror

Image from Gaza April 8 2011 during the Israeli airstrike.     Kawther Salam | April 10, 2011 Does Israel know that the mossad offers free lessons in international organized terror and crimes to all rebels and radical movements, and that through their terror actions they are teaching them how to kidnap and murder Israelis […]

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