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Israeli occupation to raze 50-year-old Jerusalemite stores

“Settling” constitutes a warcime according to international law and ICC statute. Even under US’ own military legislations’ Law resources below this article [ PIC 01/08/2013 – 12:28 PM ] OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) decided to raze 20 shops owned by Palestinian Jerusalemites at the entrance to Shufat refugee camp. The Israeli […]

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Message to the world from Ahmad Mesleh

Every day when the sun rises, we open our eyes and start thinking: What are we going to do today? Did we achieve our dreams? Did we get what we want? Or … did I make every possible effort to fulfill my wishes? I am not different from other people: I’m human, I breathe, I […]

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