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– Please distribute widely – Conscientious objector Noam Gur sentenced to prison for her refusal to join the Israeli Army. Noam Gur, 18 year old from, Kiryat Motzkin near Haifa, arrived yesterday morning, Monday, 16 April, to the Induction Base in Tel Hashomer, where she declared her refusal to serve in the Israeli Army as it is […]

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Conscientious objector @GNoam refusing to serve in IDF sentenced to prison | #Refusing2Occupy

Monday, April 16 2012| Haggai Matar | 972 Magazine Noam Gur, a young Israeli conscientious objector, was sentenced Monday afternoon to 10 days in military prison. Once released, Gur is likely to be ordered to enlist again – and sent again to prison, the process repeating itself several times before she is ultimately released. Gur […]

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“I can’t take part in these crimes”: Israeli refusenik @GNoam interviewed ~ by @Intifada

Jillian Kestler-D’Amours | The Electronic Intifada | 14 March 2012 Noam Gur holds a copy of her public statement saying she will reject military conscription. (Oren Ziv / ActiveStills) Earlier this week, 18-year-old Israeli Noam Gur publicly announced her intention to refuse mandatory service in the Israeli army. Set to be drafted next month on […]

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