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DesertPeace | July 22, 2012 Learn to shoot before you buy that gun….. Watch this video before you read what is posted below….. American Tourists Flock to Israeli Settlement Shooting School – Common Dreams staff In an Israeli West Bank settlement bloc known as Gush Etzion, American tourists are flocking to Caliber 3 shooting school, a training camp […]

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Israeli military drags its boots and guns into Ibrahimi Mosque – video

Settler Violence Topic | Category | Pictures | New: Interactive Map by Caroline Nordhammer | 21 Dec 2011 | ISM West Bank   Soldiers from the Israeli military entered the Ibrahimi Mosque located in the Old City of Hebron on December 21 in the afternoon. Male and female soldiers entered the mosque and the men’s […]

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You may wonder if settlers are ever even questioned for pulling out a gun or threatening Palestinians. I haven’t heard they have. you can see the video and find out! Location: Hebron SETTLERS THREATS AGAINST PALESTINIANS – מתנחלים מאיימים בנשק: “TaayushHebron | December 30, 2010 ביום ג’ 28-12-10 יצא יוחנן שרת מחוות מגן דוד, (שסופחה […]

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