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Zionist Peres Praises Abbas’ Treason ~ by @KawtherSalam

Kawther Salam | Nov 4, 2012 Abbas renounces Safad while True Palestinian Hasna al-Jardat displays the deeds to her land in the Safad area زيارة سياحية مقابل حق العودة ردا على زيارة أمير قطر لغزة عباس يتنازل عن حق العودة ويدعو إسرائيل للتفاوض معه على متر ونصف من فلسطين Shimon Peres, a haganah gang criminal […]

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Dozens of Israeli army veterans admit role in massacres of Palestinians in 1948

MEMO | Oct 16, 2012 Dozens of Israeli army veterans have admitted their involvement in massacres against Palestinian civilians in 1948, and acknowledged that Zionism misled them and is a catastrophe for both Jews and Arabs. The details have been revealed by the Yazkern organisation, which was founded in 2001 and seeks to unveil the […]

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What every Christian Zionist Needs to Know about Zionist Terror: The King David Hotel Bombing

June 11, 2011 What every Christian Zionist Needs to Know. Modern day narratives surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict invariably portray the Israelis as victims of terror, trying to survive in a hostile part of the world. A part of the world bent on the Jewish people’s destruction with no legitimate grounds for any type of grievance […]

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