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The tent protests ‘[are] the epitome of hysterical denial of the colonial reality’ ~ Omar Barghouti

by Kiera Feldman on August 19, 2011 Kiera Feldman conducted the following interview with Omar Barghouti over email in early August: Kiera Feldman: How will the boycott law affect you personally? Are you changing your actions or speech in any way? Omar Barghouti: We are all determined to carry on what we have been doing […]

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#Airflotilla | “Hysterical” Israeli reaction to Palestine solidarity fly-in

Mel Frykberg |The Electronic Intifada |Tel Aviv| 11 July 2011 Six Israeli activists were arrested at Ben Gurion airport on 8 July. (Oren Ziv /ActiveStills) BEN GURION AIRPORT, Tel Aviv (IPS) – Hundreds of armed soldiers and police spread throughout Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv on 8 July, arresting six Israeli activists for unfurling flags […]

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