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Freedom and Justice Party Rejects Gaza Blockade; Demands Protection for Muslim, Christian Holy Sites in Jerusalem

IKWAANWEB FEB 21 2012 FJP denounces Egypt’s part in the siege of Gaza; and condemns Zionist attempts to strip Jerusalem of its Islamic identity and to completely Judaize the Holy City by deporting Arab and Muslim residents and revoking their ID cards, demolishing their houses and confiscating their lands. Related: Al Quds – Ethnic cleansing […]

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The Camp David treaty is not a sacred text ~ by Khalid Amayre

Gaza Under Attack – Timeline | In pictures Aug-Sept 2011 | Oct-Nov 2011 | Dec2011 04-01-2012,09:55 By Khalid Amayre – Ezzedeen al Qassam Brigades It is quite heartening that leaders of the Egyptian Muslim Brothers are speaking of their disdain and contempt of the 1979 Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel. It seems also prudent […]

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