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Commemorating the anniversary of the First Intifada in the no go zone – in pictures

by Nathan Stuckey | 6 December 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, Gaza Photography by Rosa Shiano & Beit Hanoun Local Initiative Photo: Rosa Schiano Twenty four years ago, on December 9, 2011 a revolution began.  The revolution began in Gaza, it was the First Intifada.  After twenty years of Israeli occupation Palestinian resistance exploded in […]

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ei: From Bilin to Tel Aviv, outrage at killing of Jawaher Abu Rahmah

Joseph Dana, Live from Palestine, 3 January 2011 A photograph of Jawaher Abu Rahmah hangs at her funeral on 1 January. (Oren Ziv/ActiveStills) “I am in shock, we are in shock,” Hamde Abu Rahmah told me as we stood outside the small cemetery in Bilin where 36-year-old Jawaher Abu Rahmah was buried on Saturday. One […]

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