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Why Apple was wrong to pull iPhone app at Israel’s behest

30th August 2011  | Best Apple Iphone Thе Arabic word intifada — literally clarification “tο shake adult οff” bυt entirely translated аѕ “uprising” οr “resistance” — hаѕ crafty domestic аnd sequential connotations іn thе Arab world. Thе First аnd Second Intifadas wеrе twin рοрυlаr Palestinian uprisings over thе past 3 decades conflicting thе Israeli occupation. […]

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Apple Pulls ‘Third Intifada’ App – But if Zion puts a Real Hitlist Online it’s OK !

According to the article published by PNN this morning Apple bowed for the pressure of Zion: PNN – Palestine News Network –  23.06.11 – 11:24Silicon Valley, California – PNN – Computer giant Apple pulled the “ThirdIntifada” application from its app store Wednesday night after receiving a letter from an Israeli minister asking the app be […]

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Apple company approves “Third Intifada” App

22-06-2011,12:12 – Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades Al Qassam/ Agencies– The giant Apple Company decided to allow the publishing of a new App for the IPhone carrying the name “Third Intifada” despite Israeli pressures on the company to ban the app. The new app is currently operational on the IPhone and can be downloaded from the App […]

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