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Israeli drone downed in Iraq

MEMO | Saturday, 30 August 2014 11:56 Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadeen has said that an Israeli drone, similar to the one downed several days ago by Iran, has been downed in Baghdad.Al-Mayadeen reported that sources said the reason behind the fall of the drone “are still unknown,” noting that the Iraqi army abstained from commenting […]

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Human Rights violated in #Holland. Once a Showcase of Tolerance. Now of Apartheid

LIVE BLOG | Daily updates translated into English, incl sources below this blogpost Last Update Aug 2, 2012 | Below this post May 18, 2012 by occpal My “Two Cents” on Dutch Refugee Deportation Policies Colonial mentalities never seem to die. In the aftermath of the fallen cabinet lead by xenophobia and foreign silenced lobbies, […]

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