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Fatah official: going to UN is an irresponsible step

Related: ▣ FAQ ▣ Palestine Statehood Bid | Category Statehood [ 01/10/2011 – 11:19 AM ] RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Dr. Rebhi Hallom, member of the PLO’s national council has described Thursday Abbas’s step to seek full membership in the UN as an irresponsible step, a jump in the air and a new doze of sedative that […]

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If Obama’s Libyan Intervention ‘Succeeds’, Will Palestine Be Next?

Apr-03-2011 15:27 | James M. Wall | Salem-News.com If Libya does stabilize, President Obama will be on a roll, all the more reason he could decide he will not need congressional backup to end Israel’s irresponsible domination of the region. (CHICAGO) – President Obama’s surprise decision to conduct an “humanitarian” effort to protect Libyans from […]

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