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14,000 Jerusalemites have lost residence status since 1967

Middle East Monitor | April 15, 2013 A professor of international law has revealed that the most recent poll published by the Israeli occupation forces indicate that Israel has revoked the “permanent residence” status of 14,087 Palestinian Jerusalemites in the period 1967 to 2011. Dr Hanna Essa’s findings were presented by the WAFA official news […]

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Eldad Yaniv’s Eretz Hadasha Party Exposes Israel’s Corrupt Oligarchy ~ by @richards1052

Tikun Olam | Richard Silverstein | Jan 9, 2013 One new Israeli party in particular has garnered headlines with its accusations of massive political corruption among the political elites.  It is Eretz Chadasha (“New Land”), a party founded to take on the “tycoons,” or oligarchy, that controls Israeli commerce and politics.  The party’s founder is […]

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