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VIDEO | Ultra extremist Israeli settlers celebrate occupying East Jerusalem

Ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian & Islamic identity Al Quds, Jerusalem is the main target of the ethnic cleansing to turn the city of “Jerusalem” into the City of David. Occupiedpalestine weblog dedicates this post to create awareness to this ongoing atrocity of the “State of Israel” for the occasion of the awarenesscampaign #Blog4Quds from […]

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#JerusalemDay | Illegal settlers provocative march Al-Quds & Al-Aqsa – Photography

May 20, 2012 The “Dance of the Flags” is the culmination of “Yom Yerushalaim”. The day on which Israeli nationalists celebrate the conquest of East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six Days War. The provocative march, dancing and celebrations go through occupied Jerusalem and west bank of Palestine, even in the old center shop keepers were […]

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Hamas warns against Israeli settlers’ plan to attack Al-Aqsa Mosque

This file photo shows the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds (Jerusalem). PressTV Sun May 20, 2012 7:49AM GMT The Palestinian resistance movement of Hamas has warned against a decision by Israeli settlers to attack the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds (Jerusalem). Hamas gave the warning in a statement after Israeli settlers announced a plan to […]

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