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#Airflotilla | Overview

SPECIAL TOPIC Continuous updates Imagine this…… tomorrow  all worldwide airports would block, gas, deport,  exile or detain Israeli…… it would be  a reason to cause a worldwidewar against “Judaism” as zionism would state in such a case. But reality is…. it happened on July 8, 2011 to anyone wanting to visit Palestine…. read on: FOLLOW […]

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Not “Welcome to Palestine” – Israel Preparing for a New Mass Deportation

700 pro-Palestinian activists plan to land in Ben-Gurion By TOVAH LAZAROFF   | 07/04/2011 00:03  | Jpost Passengers will declare their destination as Palestine; Foreign Ministry plans to prevent group’s entry into Israel. New York activist Laura Durkay plans to name Palestine as her destination when she lands at Ben-Gurion Airport this Friday, even though such […]

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Second Palestinian call for the 8 July mission

Posted by redacteur in Mercredi, mars 9th 2011 Dear friends, Palestinian civil society organizations applaud the Freedom Flotilla that will again, in May, challenge the brutal and illegal siege of the people of Gaza. Decent people around the world will be working in support of this international intiative. While we rightly focus on Gaza we must […]

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