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Where is @UN employee @KhuloodBadawi?

AICNews | Apr 29, 2012 The telephone is not answered, there is no reply to emails and at her office, I receive the laconic reply that Khulood Badawi is on vacation. Has our friend Khulood Badawi been kidnapped like Mordechai Vanunu way back when? Is she locked in some dark cell block like the third […]

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Al Mezan Confirms IOF Responsibility for the Killing of 3-Year-Old Rajaa Salam Abu Shaaban on 9 August 2006

Al Mezan – March 22, 2012 (Arabic Below) Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights has been informed of an Israel media and diplomatic campaign that raises suspicions around the conditions in which a 3-year-old girl, Rajaa Salam Abu Shaaban, on 9 August 2006 in Gaza city, alleging that the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) were not […]

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Israel’s Total Moral Bankruptcy exposed as it attempts to get UN OCHA employee Khulood Badawi fired

March 16, 2012 by occpal Important updates added below this blogpost This world needs more people like @KhuloodBadawi In the newest Israeli “witch-hunt” the dying propaganda machine of zionism has taken an aim on Khulood Badawi, a human rights activist and demands UN fires Khulood Badawi  over a ‘false Gaza’ picture The “State of Israel’s […]

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