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Kibbutz ‘residents’ attack Bedouin village in the Naqab

#NAKBA65  | 65 YEARS NAKBA = ENOUGH! Maan News Agency | May 19, 2013 NEGEV (Ma’an) — Israelis from a Negev kibbutz attacked a Bedouin village on Sunday, setting fire to a tent, a Ma’an reporter said. Residents from the Kibbutz of Retamim attacked the adjacent Bedouin village of Bir Hadaj and set fire to […]

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130 Palestinian and Arab detainees in Israeli secret jails

#FreeSamer | Global action to save the life of Hunger striker Samer Issawi MEMO  | Febr 19, 2013 Dozens of families in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are awaiting the fate of their missing sons. This is according to information received from former prisoners who were themselves held by Israel in secret prisons […]

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Palestinian target practice for US tourists in the West Bank

Al Bawabab |  June 19th, 2012 – 12:00 GMT Life for Palestinians in the West Bank Stay in a kibbutz, go out clubbing in Tel Aviv, say a prayer at the Western Wall and then go to a settlement to practice killing Palestinians. This is the new summer camp for American tourists keen to get […]

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