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Full list: The Palestinian prisoners

Palestine’s Prisoners | Pictures | Topic | Category – Torture | History | Category None of the 164 children are released. UNICEF APPEAL FOR RELEASE OF PALESTINE’s CHILD DETAINEES  DEFENCE FOR CHILDREN CALL FOR ACTION FOR RELEASE CHILDREN The full list of 477 Palestinian prisoners scheduled for release in the first round of swaps for […]

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Awaiting the next Israeli Whitewash: UN expert panel reports little progress in probe of possible Gaza war crimes

The Associated Press | Fri, 18 Mar 2011 14:43:00 CST GENEVA – A U.N.-appointed expert panel has reported little progress by either Israel or the Palestinians in investigating if war crimes occurred in 2009 in Gaza. A panel chaired by former New York Supreme Court Judge Mary McGowan Davis on Friday said Israeli authorities “significantly […]

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♻ Missing Persons List Egypt ♻

Missing Persons List Egypt | #Egypt #Jan25 Please Update if you know anyone missing and please spread the list ♻ @butheina: Google doc for missing persons in #Egypt. Updateif you know anyone missing http://bit.ly/ij15vT cc: @alaa @Dima_Khatib #jan25 — Alaa Abd El Fattah (@alaa) January 31, 2011 Related How to make a Tear Gas Mask […]

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