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#Airflotilla | “Hysterical” Israeli reaction to Palestine solidarity fly-in

Mel Frykberg |The Electronic Intifada |Tel Aviv| 11 July 2011 Six Israeli activists were arrested at Ben Gurion airport on 8 July. (Oren Ziv /ActiveStills) BEN GURION AIRPORT, Tel Aviv (IPS) – Hundreds of armed soldiers and police spread throughout Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv on 8 July, arresting six Israeli activists for unfurling flags […]

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The ethnic cleansing of Lyd, and how it continues today

Rana on June 24, 2011 | Mondoweiss The Israeli organization Zochrot has published testimonies from two men, Fayeq Abu Mana and Aaraf Muharab, on the Israeli ethnic cleansing of Lyd, my parents’ hometown. Israelis raping Palestinian women, wide-scale pillaging of Palestinian belongings for resale, mass murders of Palestinians, burning bodies of murdered, a massive Israeli […]

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