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VIDEO | Footage smuggled from the Estelle refutes Israel’s claims that attack on civilian boats was peaceful

Posted March 2, 2013 Last week, video footage smuggled by the passengers of the Swedish Ship to Gaza, the Estelle, was digitally restored and released.  The video shows how Israeli masked commandos violently attacked and tasered peaceful civilian activists including members of parliament. Smuggled footage and interviews as shown on Swedish TV4 (with English subtitles). […]

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#Estelle Ship to Gaza | VIDEO | We have lost contact with the Estelle

Message former MP of Canada Manly James pre-recorded, addressed mainly to Canadanians Oct 20, 2012 by CanadaBoatGaza Pre recorded video of Jim Manly for distribution at the time we lose contact with him on the Estelle. The loss of communication was likely due to an intervention by the Israeli navy that cut off communication and […]

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