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State of Israel Charged for “Crime of Genocide and War Crimes” ~ Kuala Lumpur Tribunal

Tribunal Hearing against Israel and General Amos Yaron By Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) | Global Research, August 20, 2013 “WHY is it that the murder of one man is considered a criminal act whereas the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people committed in wars, is not considered so? -Tun Dr Mahathir […]

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JDL’s “Travel Agency” call for a “Zionist Militant Rampage Trip”

Above the screenprint of the official announcement as seen on the “Ligue Défense Juive” weblog, inviting Militants with experience to enforce the upcoming and apparently self-forfilling prophecy of a violent crack down in the west bank on Palestinians. Translation: “The JDL is organizing 19 to 25 September, a trip solidarity with our Israeli brothers living […]

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Black October of Ehud Barak: Decade to the Slaughter of Palestinians in Israel

October 2010. Ten years have passed since the slaughter of the Palestinian population in Israel, a slaughter orchestrated by Ehud Barak and, let’s not ever forget, Professor Shlomo Ben Ami. Two days prior, in areas around mosques and throughout the West Bank, primarily near the checkpoints, the Israeli army slaughtered tens of young, unarmed  Palestinians, […]

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