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Israel considers using dogs to attack Palestinian workers legitimate

[ PIC 19/06/2013 – 09:52 PM ] OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli B’Tselem organization reiterated its demand that the occupation authorities cease to use dogs against unarmed Palestinian civilians. Incidents in which the soldiers use dogs to attack civilians have continued to occur, which indicates that the military considers it legitimate to use attack dogs in […]

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What a Jewish terrorist might look like

Truth does not matter for “Israel”. Buttons Do. To mute. Thursday, November 17 2011 | Dimi Reider This picture was posted, along with several others, on the right-leaning citizen journalism site Rotter.net. It was taken at a memorial evening for Rabbi Meir Kahane, held openly in Jerusalem and attended by well over 1,000 people. The […]

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IN GOD ..oh no.. DOG WE TRUST | Wanted Dead NOT Alive

Related: Settler Violence Topic | Category | Pictures WILD EAST EXTREMISTS OFFER BOUNTIES TO KILL PALESTINIANS No it’s not the movie. It’s Reality in West Bank Palestine October 21, 2011. Lawlessness like this you expected in the 18th century Wild West of the Americas or in the movie like on the right , but not […]

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