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VIDEO | International Quds Day Protest 2013, Melbourne

Ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian & Islamic identity Al Quds, Jerusalem is the main target of the ethnic cleansing to turn the city of “Jerusalem” into the City of David. Occupiedpalestine weblog dedicates this post to create awareness to this ongoing atrocity of the “State of Israel” for the occasion of the awarenesscampaign #Blog4Quds from […]

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Prisoner X was Mossad Agent Ben Zygier ~ by Richard Silverstein (Updated)

Tikun Olam | תיקון עולם | Richard Silverstein | Febr 12, 2013 Yossi Melman’s censored report on Mossad agent, Ben Zygier Back in 2010, I reported that Israel had arrested an unidentified individual, and imprisoned him in total secrecy in an Israeli jail.  The cell he occupied had once housed Yigal Amir.  Even his jailers […]

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