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Israeli planes practice long-range missions

Ma’an News Agency | (updated) 11/10/2013 16:55 An Israeli F-15 I fighter jet takes off during an air show at the graduation ceremony of air force pilots at the Hatzerim base in the Negev desert, on June 27, 2013 (AFP/Jack Guez) JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli warplanes this week practiced long-range missions including mid-air refueling in […]

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AMERICAblog News: Summary execution by IDF in Gaza-bound flotilla incident

by Gaius Publius on 10/05/2010 11:25:00 PM #fullpost { display: inline; }There’s a wealth of wealth news, including a totally up-to-date Onion article from 2001 (h/t Griffon). But for a change of pace, there’s this from the United Nations Human Rights Council’s expert panel on the Israeli relief-ship-to-Gaza incident, in which a number of passengers […]

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