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#GazaUnderAttack | Israel’s Modus Operandi: Blackmail, Bribery and Bullying

by William Hanna / July 22nd, 2014 / Dissident Voice On 26 November 1947, when it became apparent to Zionists and their supporters that the UN vote on the Partition of Palestine would be short of the required two thirds majority in the General Assembly, they filibustered for a postponement until after Thanksgiving thereby gaining […]

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The Zionist scenario – now and in the future ~ by Lawrence Davidson

By Lawrence Davidson | Redress | 17 May 2012 Lawrence Davidson assesses the chances of a Zionist victory – possession of all Palestine from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River and ethnically cleansing the land of Palestinians. He argues that, with Palestinian resistance worn out by Israeli brutality, repression and sanctions, hope for the Palestinians […]

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Murder is Israel ‘s modus operandi

02/04/2011 – 11:07 PM By Khalid Amayreh The unprovoked murder by the Israeli occupation army of three Hamas’  resistance officers in the Gaza Strip on 2 April is a classical example  of Israel’s murderous mentality. The unprovoked assassination of the three, carried out from the air, came only a few days after Hamas and other […]

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