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Back to Ethnic cleansed Palestine’s Villages – April 26, 2012 – Photography

April 26, 2012 Photo Blog by Dylan Collins – Al Akhbar English Amqa and Kweikat: The Warm Up March As thousands of Israeli families gathered yesterday to celebrate Israeli Independence Day, so did thousands of the displaced Palestinian families living inside the green line. However, instead of celebrating the anniversary of Israel’s independence, Arab families […]

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Israel’s Nakba Law: Is it time for civil disobedience?

Saturday, May 14 2011|Dahlia Scheindlin The discourse around the Nakba law–a bill forbidding government-supported institutions from marking the Palestinian disaster–feeds Israel’s persecution complex. Trying to legislate history out of existence means losing touch with reality A Palestinian man and a girl in a refugee camp, 1948 (photo via Wikimedia, license CC) Years ago, I commented […]

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